I excel at building experiences & operations, enjoy managing relationships & people, and have an affinity for learning, design, food, & music.

To gain a touch more context, understand what jazzes me, and see what I’ve learned along the way, read on.

Head of Talent & Operations


Chief Operating Officer


2015-Present | New York, NY

Mouse empowers educators and students to create with technology.

C/I provides builds inclusive computer science programs through professional development and coaching; C/I fully merged with Mouse in July 2018.

2013-2015 | New York, NY

Teach For America’s Philanthropic Leadership Circle is a nationwide community of top philanthropists and education leaders.

2013-2015 | Brooklyn, NY

Lessonface is an ecosystem for live, online music lessons from exceptional teachers worldwide.


  • Generate web content using Drupal and Adobe Creative Suite, resulting in 40% month-over-month growth in sales in seed-funded startup
  • Collaborate on product & user experience development and testing
  • Oversee the integration and implementation of CRM and associated protocol
  • Cultivate and select new teachers for live, online music lessons website
  • Develop new teacher onboarding and effectiveness training, shortening list-to-sale time

My role at Lessonface has helped develop a number of skills from website content management to teacher recruitment and onboarding to customer support.
Despite building strength in these areas, I enjoy building an academic community. I was part of a tiny team which means that we all took serious collective ownership. I enjoyed spending time thinking about how we can ensure that both our instructors and students are part of a true learning community (which is a challenge in a 100% virtual ecosystem) and thinking of ways that we can evolve our product to build interaction, trust, and a supportive environment.

Similarly, I enjoyed helping our teachers discover how to manage their online presences and interactions with students to be seen as collegial, professional, and nurturing.

Director of Institute Operations

Teach For America Houston Institute

2008-2013 | Houston, TX

The Houston institute is a residential teacher training program for approximately 800 new teachers led by 150 staff, hosted at Rice University. Each summer, our 800 teachers taught more than 5,000 students across 12-15 summer schools. My team oversaw the operations, finance, and risk management of this institute.

2010-2011 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

CAMeRA brought together researchers in health, heritage & culture, learning & entertainment, and language with those in technology R&D. We studied everything from 3D projectors to the effects of Black Ops to online health care forums.


  • Crafted and published news and social communication for interdisciplinary, international research institution
  • Interviewed institution researchers to communicate synopses of findings
  • Managed communication, branding, and logistics for ~50 person international conference

I had the incredible opportunity to help coordinate and attend the Lorentz Center’s conference on Creativity in Leiden, the Netherlands. We joined scientists, artists, designers, engineers, and educators to check out all types of new developments, technologies, and creations. Then we got nerdy and tried to figure out what helps foster and lead to creativity.

Our conversation inspired us to start jotting down some thoughts which turned into a paper which then became a book. If the social sciences are your thing, I recommend a thumb-through.

MSc, Social Research

VU University

2010-2011 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I studied graduate-level research methods & design in the social sciences.

Courses Studied

  • Media Psychology
  • Marketing Effects
  • Logic in Social Sciences
  • Advanced Network Analysis
  • Research Methods Design
  • Quantitative Analysis

I was part of a pre-PhD track graduate program in social research methods. Specifically I was interested in comparative research, examining how the media portrays education differently in the U.S. vs. northern Europe and the effects there of. I was familiar with the student experience in the U.S. and figured that if I wanted to really understand what it’s like to experience education in Europe, I should hop on a plane and become a student there. So I did.

Ultimately, the research professor path wasn’t for me and, as such, I left my program after the first year. Over the course of a year, I honed my analytics skills, founded the university’s first-ever LGBT organization, constantly saw incredible art, and engaged in some amazing conversation all while living in one of the most alive cities on the planet.

Learning Team Leader

Teach For America Atlanta

2008-2009 | Atlanta, GA

Teach For America Atlanta’s program team selected veteran teachers to serve as mentors in each content area; I was asked to be the leader for our high school science teachers. Monthly, we analyzed teacher outcomes and then held full-day professional development seminars each month.


  • Analyzed teacher-action data (from 23 teachers) and developed monthly workshop objectives based upon trends and connected areas for growth
  • Created and facilitated monthly two-hour professional development sessions and resources, meeting or exceeding all teacher-effectiveness and satisfaction goals

Corps Member Advisor

Teach For America Atlanta Institute

2008 | Atlanta, GA

The Atlanta institute trained approximately 500 new teachers in schools across the city. I was responsible for the training and support of a portfolio of 12 new middle school teachers and their 100+ students.

2006-2008 | Atlanta, GA

Kennedy Middle School was located in the Vine City Community of Atlanta, GA, one of the lowest-income neighborhoods in the city; as a Teach For America corps member, I taught science & reading here.

2007 | Atlanta, GA

Teach For America Atlanta brought on approximately 125 new teachers in 2007. I worked with the regional program staff to develop the transition team leader role to help new corps members navigate both Teach For America, post-college life, and teaching (which is far more challenging than it looks). In previous years, this role was a host for a single dinner event. I helped shape it into an ongoing mentorship which included regular communication spanning pre-transition to Atlanta through the first semester of teaching.


  • Developed the Transition Team Leader role into an on-going support and leadership development relationship
  • Recruited and selected Transition Team Leaders (exceeding organization-wide diversity goals)
  • Designed and facilitated Transition Team Leader training
  • Coordinated and supervised 16 Transition Team Leaders’ schedules in order to ensure the regional staff induction and orientation goals and objectives were met

Director, Teen Camp

Rochester-Avon Recreation Authority

2002-2004 | Rochester, MI

RARA’s Teen Camp spanned 12 weeks each summer and we had about 35 middle school campers. We took field trips to theme parks, museums, movies, and laser tag. We also played a lot of four square, capture the flag, and dodgeball and spent a good deal of time at the lake.


  • Planned and oversaw 10-week, 35-participant day camp for students aged 11-14 including scheduling, camp operations, and managing all activities
  • Managed and supported a team of three counselors
  • Set up and executed twice-weekly field trips including budgeting and payment, transportation, and logistics

At the age of 20, I was managing a staff of three and was responsible for the summer experience for 35 kids. Enter my first lesson with building culture and community.

The environment was toxic, largely because of me. I quickly realized that my camp resembled Mean Girls more than it did Stand and Deliver. I held up the mirror and the truth was scary: I was a negatron that was sucking the happiness out of the camp.

What did I do? I realized that a positive, happy environment only exists when people are positive and happy. I made each procedure into a game, I disarmed our camp’s Regina George with kindness, and I set up my counselors to be leaders. By the end of the summer, there were no more cliques and campers couldn’t wait to come back each day.


Michigan State University

BA with honor, Chemistry
BA with honor, Communication

2001-2005 | East Lansing, MI
Notable Leadership Roles

  • Teaching Assistant, Department of Communication
  • Research Assistant, Department of Biochemistry
  • Recruitment Chair, Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity
  • National Communications Coordinator, Residence Halls Association
  • LeaderShape Institute participant
  • President, Holden Hall Government
  • Treasurer, Holden Hall Government

I kind of had it all during my undergraduate experience. I balanced two very different degrees (both with honors), pursued additional interests (such as teaching and researching), worked a few part time jobs, and made a ton of friends. It was a lot, but it was me.

I constantly sought out new experiences because I was – and still am – so interested in a variety of topics and subjects. I loved thinking about societal effects of altruism as much as I did quantum theory, so I decided to study both chemistry and small group communication. Similarly, I worked hard in both my for-pay and other non-academic ventures because I genuinely enjoyed what I was doing – be it schlepping ice cream (I was a shift manager at Cold Stone), leading delegations to conferences across the country (that was a cool gig, too), or throwing a big event.